8.0-9.0 mm AAA Tahitian Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings

These stunning, AAA-quality earrings feature perfectly round, 8.0-9.0 mm Tahitian pearls with intense luster, which results in mirror-like shine and strong iridescence. These exotic pearls are completely untreated and exhibit natural dark colors with soft colorful overtones in your choice of peacock, green or silver. We use a heavy-weight post and backing for all our Tahitian pearl earrings, which will hold snug to the ears. The posts and backs are composed of solid, 14-karat, white or yellow gold. Continue reading “8.0-9.0 mm AAA Tahitian Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings”

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Treatment Mask

With dermatologist in-office acne technology, the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask is a revolution in acne treatment. This face mask harnesses the power of clinically proven technology to clear acne and allow skin to heal itself. Here is how light therapy works. Blue light targets acne-causing bacteria while red light reduces acne inflammation. This one-step acne treatment covers your face and is easy to use at home. After cleansing, put the mask on. Push the button and let it work for 10 minutes. You can sit back and relax until it automatically shuts off. Use it every day and you’ll see clearer, healthier skin with this chemical free and UV free acne treatment. Continue reading “Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Treatment Mask”

Leachco Podster Sling-Style Infant Lounger – Moroccan Gray

Color:Gray The Podster provides a warm and cozy caress for infants. The deeply contoured sides help keep baby in place while the unique sling center expands with infant’s weight. The adjustment tabs provide versatile support, cinch them in to create a cozier and more secure seat for smaller infants or release them to create a larger area for growing infants. The Podster provides upper body elevation which can help aid in digestion and breathing. Continue reading “Leachco Podster Sling-Style Infant Lounger – Moroccan Gray”

Irish Setter Men’s 2863 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8′ Hunting Boot

Full grain leather upper. RPM technology significantly reduces the weight of the boot, making them 40% lighter than traditional game boots. Armtec adds durability and life to your boots by using armored leathers in the toe and heel to prevent material breakdowns. Athletic maneuverability heightens both balance and traction. Cushin Comfort Tongue technology was designed to minimize pressure some hunters feel on their shin from the top of the boot tongue. UltraDry technology keeps your feet dry even in the wettest conditions. ScentBan is a silver-ion technology that is imbedded in the uppers, lining, and footbeds to kill odor-causing bacteria. Durable cement construction. Imported. Hunting isn’t their hobby. It’s their calling. It’s all they were made to do. In sixty years, they’ve never lost focus. They’ve never followed anything but their instincts. They’ve never let up. They still live for the chase, pursuing innovation from dusk to dawn. They’re in the fields, the blinds and the stands, long after the fair-weather crowd heads inside. They do all of this to build incredible hunting boots, because at Irish Setter, the hunt never ends. Continue reading “Irish Setter Men’s 2863 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8′ Hunting Boot”

Allen Designs Ella Bella Pendulum Clock

Inspired by Michelle Allen’s love for the imperfect, slightly eccentric and witty quality of the world, this whimsical Ella Bella Clock Art by Allen Designs is not your ordinary timepiece. This unique designer clock which features Ella Bella holding a string of hearts and with swinging legs pendulum, will give any plain room a colorful and playful detail. Specifications Size: 8.25 inches x 16 inches Hand-painted heart clock hands Swinging legs pendulum Cast in resin, finished by hand Requires ‘AA’ battery With two-year warranty Designed by Michelle Allen Colors: pink, tan, white, black Keywords: kids, fun, ella bella, Allen Designs, handcrafted, hand painted, clock, pendulum Continue reading “Allen Designs Ella Bella Pendulum Clock”